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Your in Control

CleanInBox allows you to decide who can send you repeated emails. With a simple "Swipe-To-Block", you can view, reply, forward, and sort your email without the annoying junk mail.

Super Easy Setup

Simply download, choose a UserID/Password and your on your way. Setup is simple, only takes 2 minutes, and no credit card is required.

Awesome Features

View multiple email accounts in one Inbox, or each account separately. Quickly find the email you need with our Sort feature, and easily mark multiple emails for Block or Delete with Edit.

What is CleanInBox

CleanInBox is a new kind of email viewer.  It’s similar to the email viewer that comes with your Samsung or Apple phone, but with great features not available from other email clients or providers.  With the CleanInBox Mobile App, you can view, reply, and forward your email without the annoying junk mail.

CleanInBox is a stand-alone solution for filtering, viewing and storing your email.  We do not affect your existing email viewer (you can leave it installed) and we don’t modify your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook Inbox.  CleanInBox simply pulls a copy of all your incoming email into the CleanInBox Mobile App.  All your existing and future emails continue to be safely stored at Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

Coming Soon ! is an entirely better way to communicate with friends, family and coworkers online.  On the go with your mobile phone or at home in front of a PC, the CleanInBox Mobile App and Desktop App allow you to communicate by email, text message or voice, all from one easy-to-use window.  Send email and text messages simutaneously, text message from your desktop computer, and speak with friends and family with CleanInBox Push-Talk, all with an Inbox free of unwanted junk mail.

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Download the App Now